Caught Up

Caught Up

In the midst of everything this week, I’ve been in a sort of fog.  Not sleeping well (well, until I got some Ambien from the doctor), running around making plans, being off work for a few days….it’s been not normal.

Some things have been REALLY crazy.  Like the morning when I woke up to all of the cattle in our land (which isn’t our cattle…our neighbor uses our land for his cattle)…and they were all in my yard instead of behind the fence.


And then I saw this picture of my grandparents at their wedding.  They are GORGEOUS. Obviously where I get my good looks. 🙂  However, this is strange because these grandparents were never married to each other in my lifetime….so seeing them like this is weird.

One awesome thing was getting such nice cards, texts, meals, and flowers from friends.  These two were special- a beautiful flower arrangement from my friend Cristi, and a plant from Alden.  I love them!

And in other strange news, I was going to the bathroom the other night and Mikey disappeared.  He is usually found at my feet or digging in the laundry (boy loves dirty laundry).  I found him in our shower. ha!


So life attempts to return to normal now.  We shall see.

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