Celebrating Friends is FUN

Celebrating Friends is FUN

We had THE MOST fun celebrating our friend Amelia’s 3rd birthday!  Amelia is the daughter of my friend Tara, so I got to spend time with my girls at the party!

Gotta love when we have more fun than the kids!

(Side note: Tara did an AMAZING job with the decorations!)


There were balloons, which the kids LOVED. I love how simple they are- yay balloons! 


Look at these cute decorations in her kitchen!


More balloon joy!


They have a bearded dragon, and Heath got it out for the kids to pet. Remi LOVED it.  After he put it back, she asked to “pet the dinosaur” again.  I died.  She was so brave touching it. 


These cupcakes were SO good.  


The kids sat at a cute little table to eat. Remi kept going back to eat more.  She was serious about her party treats!


It was so sweet to see everyone playing as Amelia opened her toys.  This is three of our friend’s girls- it just makes me happy to imagine that they will become good friends, too!  (Our 4th friend, Rebecca, only has older boys.)


Remi is quickly learning that birthdays, even if they aren’t her own, are VERY fun. 

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