Celebrating Sweet Friends

Celebrating Sweet Friends

Our “circle” got together to celebrate our sweet friend, Tara’s, birthday! We are all busy mommas, so finding time was a bit of a challenge right now. But thankfully, our church doesn’t have class one Wednesday a month- instead its a fellowship dinner.

And we decided to have our own fellowship instead. šŸ™‚

We went to StoneHouse, which is a nicer restaurant in town. They have a wine Wednesday special with flights and cheese boards, and we went ALL out.

We got apps, drinks, and food. And I brought dessert. šŸ™‚

They did AMAZING service for us, even plating the cupcakes on this gorgeous platter for Tara!


It was wonderful to get together and visit. We talked about how we all became friends and it’s random, but all we can say it that God did it. He knew we needed each other.


I’ll be honest that I used to be jealous when I saw pictures like this- wishing and praying for friends to be my people. And after years of trying, I found my people.


Much like everything else in my life that hasn’t happened on my timeline- they were worth the wait. šŸ™‚


Find your people and hold them close. Love these girls!


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