Thanks for the encouragement yesterday.  I have come to a couple conclusions:
  1. Weight loss is hard
  2. I am called to honor God with my body, which for me means eating right and exercising and trying to make it healthy….however, the goal is honoring Him…not necessarily weight loss.  So I will be faithful in that, and try to see this as an act of worship more and not so much as a number on the scale.
  3. I’m giving up the scale for a month.  Yes, it is scary to think that I won’t see a number change for a month.  But in focusing more on the act of obedience in my diet and workouts, I am ignoring that number.  See ya on August 1 Mr. Scale!
  4. I took measurements last night in order to have another way to measure my progress.  
So yesterday, I went to water aerobics with Brandy.  I don’t know about her, but I so much enjoyed splashing around, getting in a light workout, and chatting.  It is so fun to get to know someone new and get to know their heart.  And burning a few calories at the same time didn’t hurt either. 🙂
When I came home, we had leftover Vietnamese hot and sour soup.  It was good, but dinner felt like it was missing something.  We were both hungry about and hour and a half later.  I only ate an 80 calorie granola bar, but Tyler ate chips and hummus.  That boy LOVES hummus.  The big container from Sam’s with 20 servings?  Gone in a week with him! 
After our snacking, we decided to rearrange the living room. We have inherited a recliner from Tyler’s grandpa.  Grandpa is getting married soon and won’t need all his stuff, so he gave us a perfectly good recliner.  However, our living room isn’t giant, and we didn’t have room in the previous arrangement for it.  So we moved everything around.  (Ps. Who knew so much junk could accumulate under couches?  When we moved them, they were in serious need of vacuuming)  We settled on this arrangement:
Ignore the messes on the side tables….we just plopped stuff on them to move them.
This was the living room before.  Sorry I didn’t take “before” pics from the same angle.  These pics are from our house tour.
 Couch along the back, love seat on the side…empty window.
So now we are couch along the window, love seat on the back, recliner on the side.  Want to see it again?  OK, here ya go.
 It does give us more room and a more open feel.  I kept telling Tyler, “I don’t hate it.”  It is just such a big change.  When we bought our furniture, we imagined it the way we had it.  It has been that way for over a year.  I am sure our new arrangement will feel right soon, but for now, it just feels weird.  
Everything changes.  From weight loss plans to furniture arrangements.  What do you think of the new arrangement?


  1. One of these days I will put you on my blog roll, I’m too tired to do it today. Water time was so much fun, I always want to talk to you more than we can in class, and I think it was great for us!

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