Cherry Vanilla Protein Smoothie

I’ve had this for breakfast for the last two weeks every day.  It’s SO good.
I make it in my Magic Bullet, but any blender would work.
1 cup unsweeted almond milk or sugar free coconut milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use the Muscletech brand from Sam’s)
2 tablespoons flax meal
1 cup frozen cherries (I actually use a mix of sweet cherries and tart cherries because I like the tartness)
top it off with ice and water

It comes out to about 320-350 calories (depending on which type of milk I use).  The flax and cherries have lots of fiber, making it filling.  And the protein from the powder and flax make it very satisfying. 
Do you make smoothies?  What’s your favorite?


  1. I LOVE smoothies, and I normally make the green smoothies. I don’t put protein powder in it, but I normally add a ton of spinach and fruit! SO yummy and so good for your skin!

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