Chewy Treats for June: Protein for Active Pups!

Chewy Treats for June: Protein for Active Pups!

 I’m a Chewy blogger- so we get yummy treats every month to try in exchange for a review.

My dogs are active.  We go on walks.  We play.  They play together.  They chase birds.  They chase rabbits.  They chase nothing.  They explore our backyard. They need great quality food to give them energy to play.

I was glad this month when we were offered the Nature’s Recipe Chewy Treats from

We got the Oven Baked Chewy Treats in Chicken and the Training Treats in Chicken.  Both are No Corn, Wheat, or Artificial Colors or Flavors – so I feel great about giving them to the boys.

The training treats are the perfect size for quick bites after coming in from outside.  And the Chewy Treats are easy to eat- and great for bigger rewards.

And look at these happy wagging tails while they wait for their treats!


And their yummy protein helps them be active!  We’ve been taking lots of walks down to the pond.

Pippin loves to explore.  He’s always on his dad’s heels.

And Mikey is a bit slower, but he is up for adventure too!   


So thanks for our treats, Chewy!  And if you need treats or food, check them out! Go check out for your pets. You’ll love just getting that stuff delivered to your door without the hassle of making an extra stop. It’s super convenient and the products are great! is a great site where you can shop for pet food (dogs and cats), treats, bowls, leashes, grooming stuff, medicine, and toys – basically anything you can get a big pet store.  Except, you can have it shipped right to your door – and shipping is free with orders over $49.  There’s no sales tax (unless you live in FL, NV, or PA), and they even have auto-ship options for those products you need regularly.  They even offer 24/7 online chat if you need help.


  1. we just signed up for chewy too. I can’t wait to see what treats Heisman is going to get this month. Your dogs are so cute!

  2. It’s become really important to be as of late to try and limit the artificial colors, especially with my dog’s dry food. How are you supposed to know if something is wrong with their poop if it’s colored because of the food? Hahah!

    • Hahahaha…too funny! But so true! My dogs had a sensitivity to gluten and other grains…but our vet just said they had acid reflux. So for years the poor things just were sick all the time. When I switched to a limited ingredient diet food, and these treats with limited artificial stuff…the sickness stopped!

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