Chill Weekend

Chill Weekend

We’ve been busy lately, and sweet Remi girl has been asking for more playtime at home….so we took a low-key weekend and did just that.

Saturday morning, she was SUPER excited to color and play.

I LOVE how happy she is coloring right now.

We did get out a little to run the dogs to the groomer’s and run into a kid’s clothing shop in town. She LOVES to play in their play house- and she made us lunch there. ­čÖé

She was SO GOOD, leaving without a fuss when I told her the time was up (side note: she does great when I sort of give her a countdown “You have 5 minutes.”┬á “3 more minutes before we leave” “Time to go!”┬á I know she doesn’t fully understand “minutes” but she gets “more time” and I think she does better knowing things are coming to an end.)

Saturday evening, we put our Christmas tree. #sorrynotsorry┬á Remi LOVED it.┬á She was mostly interested in climbing the step ladder, but she says “Oooh” every time she sees the tree!

Sunday was an early start- Tyler got up early to hunt and Remi woke up at 6. Thankfully, she wanted to snuggle, so we spent some time in momma’s big bed. I love her sweetness!

After church, we tried a new Mexican restaurant. There was a bit of a wait for the food, so Remi went in deep for her queso. ha! LOVE THAT GIRL.

After a good, long nap, we had dinner and then bundled up to head to town for Veteran’s Day fireworks! Remi LOVED the show. It was a little cold, but we were ok in our double layers and jackets and hats. It was a great 15 minute show, and she loved every one.

I’m so thankful for a slow weekend at home. It was wonderful!

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