Christmas Break Yes Day

Christmas Break Yes Day

I think we started a new tradition this year to have a holiday break Yes Day. A yes day is where Remi gets to plan the day. The only rules were no shopping, no live animals. Other than that, she got to choose.

We started our day with ice cream. At 8 AM, the only ice cream available is Braum’s, so that’s where we headed. Remi got a scoop of strawberry (and I got breakfast).

Then she wanted to go to the Amazeum in Bentonville, so we drove up there. She got to watch her tablet the whole way!

We had a blast at the Amazeum. We caught it while Bentonville schools were still in session, so it wasn’t too busy. We played there for like 4.5 hours, and we totally visited every exhibit, some more than once!

For lunch, Remi asked for popcorn…and I was hoping she would also eat more of a meal, so we hit up a spot that had pizza and popcorn. She got some treats, too!

Then we went to a park. We checked out a new-to-us park in downtown Rogers that was so neat! It was getting chilly at sundown, so we didn’t stay too long…but she got to play with some sweet kiddos and explore.

We had a race to the big Christmas tree at the end, too!

Then we stopped on the way home to shop for Tyler at one of his favorite stores in Rogers, and then we drove home in the dark. A very tired little girl totally passed out on the trip home.

It was a super successful yes day! I hope we do this every year!

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