Christmas is Coming!

It has dipped into the 20s and 30s here. It feels like Winter.  I’m not totally happy about it, because I just love fall and the mild weather…but it seems that Christmas is coming.  They have even called for some potential winter weather this weekend.

So, I’m setting some Christmas goals:  put up my tree this weekend, and finish Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving.


I know I’m crazy.

But see, next weekend is Tyler’s last weekend before he starts work…so I want to get the Christmas stuff up before his “last hoorah” weekend.  I usually wait until after Thanksgiving, but that will be his first weekend after work…and I don’t want to be pressured to do it then. So it’s hopefully going up this weekend.

And as for Christmas gifts, I buy them year-round and stash them in a closet (and keep a running note on my phone so I remember what all I bought and who I bought it for!)…and I’d say I’m 80% finished at this moment.  So I just need to keep working to be done by Thanksgiving.  The wrapping is another story….

I also just got in the shipment of the party supplies I ordered for our 4th annual Christmas Cookie Swap!  So everything is falling into place!

So…those are my goals for Christmas prep.  Hopefully by working ahead, I can relax over the holidays.


What about you?  Have you started Christmas shopping yet?


  1. Haaaaaa…have I started shopping? Right. I’m envious of you who shop early, but I’m never one of you!! (But I DO usually finish before Christmas Eve, so…I’m not the WORST, either) I do think it’s fun that you’re putting up your tree and decor so early, though! We get a real tree and they’re not available yet, so I must wait!

  2. I tend to buy things all through the year for Christmas when I see something someone will like. Only 2-3 people to go and don’t have to fight the crowds!

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