Christmas Dates!

We had a fun little weekend with some Christmas dates! 
Friday after work, I headed to one of my favorite little shops downtown, Creative Kitchen, to do a little shopping.  I found some fun stuff for myself and a few gifts!  Then Tyler and I went to dinner at a place that was new to us!  We tried out Pizza Warehouse.  It is a pizza-buffet-game-room type place, but I had heard they had really great pizza.  And they did!  Their normal pizzas were great…and our favorite was their chicken alfredo pizza!  Yum!  Then we went next door to Big Lots and did some Christmas shopping for our Mikey!  After that, we saw Sherlock Holmes with Tony and Nancy (my in-laws).  The movie was soooooo good.
Saturday, I ran some errands, wrapped presents, watched Christmas movies, napped, and then we had my work Christmas party.  It was a big party in town and they had a tacky sweater contest. This was my get-up. (along with some co-workers and other folks)
  Here is our picture from the photo booth! (please note Tyler’s “vest.”  It was a women’s sweatshirt that we cut up to be a vest.  And Tyler said “You wear ties with vests” so he put on a tie with his t-shirt and cut up vest!)
They gave all the employees $50 Walmart gift cards too!  I’m so glad to work at a place that is so great to their employees.
Sunday we did church and lunch (Chinese, if you were curious), then we came home and watched several episodes of Lie to Me on Netflix.  Then we headed out for dinner at Beef O’Bradys.  It is a neat sports bar with big TVs everywhere along with little TVs at the booths.   
We watched the Broncos (Go Tebow) play (and unfortunately lose).  We had a yummy dinner and then we drove up to Fianna Hills to look at Christmas lights!
The (incredibly huge, expensive) houses there were decorated beautifully!  Lots of lights and some fun stuff….like this house had Pooh bear and Tigger!
 This whole street had houses decorated, and each yard had a Disney character sign with a line from The Night Before Christmas.  This one was Goofy and “The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care”
 This house was my favorite!  You can’t really see it all…but that is a light up choo-choo with spinning wheels…and in front was a penguin that was throwing a snowball.
 On the way home, we saw a bunch of lights and followed the lights to this great little house that had its yard covered in lights, blow ups and big Christmas signs!
I am so thankful for the fun that comes with this time of year.  So glad to be able to share it all with Tyler and our family.


  1. Okay, Tyler’s “vest” is AWESOME!

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