Christmas Day Excitement

Christmas Day Excitement

Christmas Eve, we did the exciting things- left out cookies, milk and carrots for Santa and the reindeer…and Remi went to bed excited that Santa was going to come!

When she woke up, she came in our room like normal. I was expecting “Santa came!” but she almost didn’t notice. I had to ask her “Did Santa come? Let’s go see!”

I think she was bummed that he came in the night (and she didn’t get to see him!). But once we sat down and looked at the remnants (cookie bites left behind….the toy he left) she was excited.

She got her Santa toy- the Peppa Pig house she asked for, and then we told the grandmas to come over. The nice thing now is that they both live like 5-10 minutes away!

So we quickly passed out presents in a gift-covered living room and started opening.

We took our time and enjoyed giving each other gifts. We often had to pause and open a present for Remi and let her play while we all took turns opening.


After gifts, I made homemade donuts (from canned biscuits…so easy and SO good), and sausage balls.



We played and then napped…and then Tyler asked me if I wanted to go hunt with him.

I said ok, so he arranged the grandmas to watch Remi and we suited up and headed to the woods.

It was my first time in a tree stand. I was a bit tense so high off the ground, but I enjoyed our time together.


All we saw were squirrels and owls, but it was a gorgeous day, so it wasn’t wasted!


That evening, Remi played with ALL of her new toys.

Favorites include her new kinetic sand and her big bowl of Orbees!  Who knew like 3 tablespoons of Orbeez would grow to be so huge?! It’s an 8 quart bowl!


She got lots of dress up dresses, and she made lots of costume changes.


And Kelsey gave her this unicorn crystal-growing kit. Well, it didn’t grow any crystals, but she still enjoyed painting it (I don’t think she even knew it didn’t work right ha!).

She loves creating!


We are so thankful that this year we got to share with her the reason for the season. She totally knew that Christmas was Jesus’ birthday and that we give gifts because of the gift of Jesus. I’m so grateful for that gift, and the chance to share it with her!

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas, too!

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