Christmas Decorations!

I put up our Christmas decorations last night. I know, I know…its early. But, we have a busy weekend coming up, then we will be at my home for Thanksgiving….then we come back…and we leave on a cruise Dec. 11…so if I don’t get them up soon, they won’t make it up in time for us to enjoy them. So Tyler worked late, and I decorated.

Let me take you on a tour of our home.

This sign isn’t on the front door yet (waiting a little longer…) but it will be soon!

In the downstairs half bath…this little elf will greet you….
And he blocks his eyes while you do your business! 🙂
This little metal ornament tree is from Target on the side table….
I have some light ornament garland going up the stairs.
This little tree is at the top of the stairs in the little corner nook.

Downstairs, this beautiful hand-carved Nativity tree hangs on the wall.

Our tiny stockings and snowflake holders on the TV (our makeshift mantle).
These glittery trees are on top of the TV stand.
Peppermint ornaments on the coffee table…
And now to show you some ornaments that are on our tree. We kinda have a newlywed theme going on! We got several ornaments last year and this year that are for our first Christmas.

This one is from last year- for our engagement. It has the engagement date and a sparkly diamond!
This is Rudolph (from the claymation movie) and his girl. Our first Christmas together.
This ornament has our whole wedding party on it.
We picked up these penguins in Maui on our honeymoon. Just Maui’ed.
And I got this one in Branson when I was on my trip with the girls this summer. Its two snowmen on a motorcycle….because Tyler is my biker babe!
And this is our little tree! I got it at an estate sale for $1! Its perfect for us now.
This tiny Nativity set sits on the bookshelf.
And this is a lace card holder. The big white area at the bottom actually says “Season’s Greetings” and it is two pockets to hold the cards we get. The snowman also says “The Lee’s” on his belly.
This is a cute little peppermint tray I got online during a Christmas in July sale.
On the behind the couch table, I have my little cake stand of ornaments….
And my little silver tree ($1 at Walgreens last year!) and you can barely see it, but in black, it says “Joy”

So while I am a little early, we are ready for Christmas! At least we can enjoy all our decorations and the season and get in the spirit sooner rather than later!


  1. Love it ALL!
    makes me feel a liiiiitttle guilty all we have is a tree and a christmas throw hahahaha.
    you have inspired me to do more this year! lol =)

  2. Britt I love it all!!! Esp. that wedding party ornament 🙂 so cute! you’ll have to tell me where you got that made! I really should decorate my apartment for Christmas, but then again I should decorate my apartment at all so maybe I should conquer that first 🙂

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