Christmas Eve and Morning

Christmas Eve and Morning

Our Christmas holiday was pretty laid back. We just did stuff with our family, so with the exception of me singing at church for both Christmas Eve services, we just hung out at home.

On Christmas Eve, we put out a big snack plate and had the grandmas over to play and make cookies.

We made some candy cane peppermint cookies from a mix, and then we decorated pre-made sugar cookies. All Remi cares about right now is the icing and sprinkles, so I’m grateful for these kits to decorate.

After church. she got all set up for Santa. You can see the big plate of goodies for him. Cookies, puff corn, an apple and candy. Then lots of carrots for the reindeer- two per reindeer except a whole bowl just for Rudolph! She also left Santa a paper and pens in case he wanted to write her a note. She went to bed with MUCH excitement that night after watching the Santa tracker online.

Christmas morning was full of fun. She woke us up at 5:45 to tell us that Santa had eaten his cookies! Then she crawled in our bed. I was STUNNED she didn’t ask to open presents then, but she didn’t. She rolled around in our bed asking 100 questions about the big man, and then went into the living room and fell asleep on the couch. I was up, so at 6:45, I got her and let her start opening gifts.

Santa brought her a unicorn dress up with hooves that go clip-clop and a unicorn Polly Pocket. Mom and dad got her things for her dolls- including clothes and a wardrobe that were a big hit.

Mimi and Gigi came over and the gift opening REALLY got going. Her big gifts from them were things for her dolls- an ice cream truck and a camper. She played ALL day, and I let her make a huge mess out of the house playing in every room.

I spent the whole day in my pajamas. We ate breakfast (and momma had some mimosas, which were necessary while I put toys together), then we watched a bunch of Christmas movies (Elf, A Christmas Story, Prancer) and that evening we FaceTimed the whole Hot Springs family and Mimi brought over lasagna for dinner.

It was a great day to celebrate the gift of Jesus and the gift of our family!

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