Christmas Eve Celebrations

We started our Christmas Eve by having our Christmas at home. 
I made a yummy breakfast of pancakes and breakfast casserole!
Then we exchanged gifts!  Tyler got his iPad earlier this year after we bought it on Black Friday…but he also got some gun goodies, a neat motorcycle tie, and some lounge pants.  I got a necklace (that isn’t in yet), some cute accessories, and a Razorback neon sign. My sweet husband.  There is always a wild card gift…and this year its the neon sign.  Where does one hang a neon sign in their home? 🙂
Then we chilled at home and got ready. We went to visit Ben, a family friend.  He was frying his turkey- so we sat outside with him and chatted while he cooked.  Then we got to sample the turkey before heading to my MIL’s house.
We all went to the candlelight service at church. I LOVE this service.  It is a nice quiet time to think about the reason for Christmas.  Our pastor spoke about that the reason for Christmas is really so Christ was born so that he could die at Easter.  We also took communion, a beautiful reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for us.
Then we came home and ate soup and dips….
and opened gifts!
Tyler and Brad (Kelsey’s boyfriend) got these awesome hats!
And everyone loved giving and recieving!

Then we played some Pacman…
Some Rummikub…
And we played with the new marshmallow shooters! ha!
Mikey just chilled in the living room. ha!
Then late that night we headed to Hot Springs for my family Christmas.

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