Christmas in July {Commenting Challenge}

Christmas in July {Commenting Challenge}

Today for the commenting challenge, Jenna asked us about Christmas gifts.
Here are some things that are already on my Christmas radar.
An iPhone 5.  I have a 4, and I want more memory space/faster operating system.  I don’t think Siri could understand my southern drawl…but I’d love to be friends with her.
A rose gold ring.  I asked for one for my birthday…but Tyler took me to St. Louis instead.  I still want a pretty right hand ring.  I do wear my Hanson ring on my right hand most days, but I could switch it up.
A Monogram pullover.  Me want.
A Fiesta ice bucket. I would take the silver or the Tervis.
A running coach.  I would love an online coach to help me reach my goals.
What would you ask for if Christmas were next month?


  1. I wanna be friends with Siri too!!!!

  2. I have the Galaxy Samsung Note 2 and LOVE it!!

  3. I got a 5 a few months ago, and honestly I miss my 4. If you don’t live in an area that has 4G absolutely all the time, its not worth it.

  4. hummm, I am not sure what I will want for Christmas. My birthday comes before that so I guess what I don’t get for my bday will move to my Christmas list. I am dying for the next season of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD though. I have to admit, I am a little obsessed with it!

  5. I want to be friends with Siri too! LOL! I have even begin to think about my own christmas list…I guess I should do that.

  6. Haha, girl… Siri sometimes can’t understand my drawl and then gets stuff wrong. Then I get to gigglin so hard and she gets MAD at me! Girlfriend can cop an attitude, fast!!! I DIE!!!!! Bahahaha!

    I’m thinkin I’ll need a monogram fleece, too! And that rose gold ring is gorg!!! I hope Santa brings it to you!!! *wink*

  7. A stand mixer!

  8. Looks like a fun Christmas 🙂

    I’m thinking an iPhone is in my near future, and something rose gold isn’t far behind!

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