Christmas Light Night 3

Christmas Light Night 3

For our final Christmas light night, we headed to Van Buren. They have a new display at two different parks, and it was GREAT.

I’ve heard they were busy on the weekends, so we waited until Christmas week when it was open every night, and we went on a Tuesday. Not busy at all!

The drive thru displays were great! Remi LOVED getting out of the sunroof!

And then at Freedom Park, there was a HUGE tree and lots of neat displays….and also Santa and the Grinch! Remi RAN to the Grinch and he loved seeing her, too! A lot of kids had been afraid of him, so he was glad to see a friendly kid.

Remi also loved these “peekaboo” characters!

Not sure why she isn’t smiling. She was loving it. And you can tell by our attire it wasn’t cold at all! Maybe mid-50s, low 60s? Perfect night to be outside!

We’ve really enjoyed slowing down this season without all the normal events going on. It’s given us lots of time to explore and enjoy our family and the things our communities have to offer!

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