Christmas Parade Fun

Christmas Parade Fun

Tyler suggested that we take Remi to the Christmas parade.  In all honesty- I wasn’t thrilled. It was COLD (like mid-30s) and the parade didn’t start until 7 (when Remi goes to bed around 7:30).  But I decided to say yes, and we bundled up and went.

And I’m SO GLAD WE DID. We had a great time.

In typical fashion, our little hometown jumped into small town fun and it was exceptional.

Before the parade, we got our spots and then walked around the block looking at Christmas lights. Businesses and homes were decorated and Remi loved looking at everything.

I love making new traditions and memories with our family!

Before the parade started, these two walked up and down the closed street. Everyone was waving at Remi and she loved it!


Blurry parade pictures! But I loved how festive everyone was! The band was decked out.


We bought her the third light stick in a month (one at the Showboat, one at Sesame Street and this one).  Next year we will know to bring one!


LOTS of fun floats from businesses and groups. I loved this Santa big truck.


Uncle Eddie made an appearance!


Remi totally ate so much candy as it was being thrown at her. A kid’s dream! Lights, music, Santa and candy!


She loved waving and dancing to all the floats.


Every police and fire truck from towns around were there. Lights and sirens blaring. She loved them all!


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