Christmas Story Revisted….

Last night, we went down to Tyler’s hometown church to see The Christmas Story Revisited. Their church put on a huge production of The Christmas Story, but it had a Christian message. The ghosts were called “Spirits” and shows Scrooge how selfish he was and how he was sinful for being so selfish and mean. When he had his epiphany, he cried out to God to forgive him and that he would live with love. It was a great message. (and my picture is a poor quality picture)
We met my parents there. They drove up just for the play. This is me and mom at intermission in front of the beautiful Christmas decorations. And me and my man (who was cheesing so much his eyes closed!)
After the play, we went back to Nancy’s (my mom-in-law) house and ate dinner and played pool. My daddy said he had never played pool before…so we all played. Mom and I actually played pretty well….and it came down to the final shot that the boys got. Dad was so funny trying so hard to play!

It was such a wonderful evening with family. I have a busy week with finals, but then we are off on a cruise to a Caribbean vacation and I can’t wait!


  1. WOOHOO for all of this esp the cruise! Have a great week girl!

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