Circle Christmas Party

Circle Christmas Party

My sweet group of friends gathered together for a little Christmas gift exchange. We did a “favorite things” swap where we gave each other things we loved.

We started with our favorite snack foods- cheese ball, cranberry salsa, peppermint bark….my friends are good cooks!


Tara has this beautiful Christmas tree candy dish, and she filled it with little individual cheese balls. So festive! She also found these vintage plastic cups, too! (She’s our lover all things classic)


We ate and opened presents in the living room around Rebecca’s “fire.”


And then we made these holiday cocktails.  They were (sorry not sorry) not good.  Too pepperminty.  haha!  But just champagne with a candy cane would have been good (without the peppermint schnapps)


So we dumped them out and made new drinks for dessert. ha!


We sat around talking and laughing for a good while.


And Rebecca cuddled her dogs.  They were so funny.


We gave each other such thoughtful gifts.  Tara made us all homemade seasoning blends and earrings, Rebecca gave us each a beautiful mugs, and I gave microfiber face cleaning cloths.

But Rachel wins. She made us these 4 things bags- mine is PERFECTION.  Jesus and Hanson and Broadway and sequins.  Nailed it.


So so so so so (there aren’t enough “sos” in the world) for these ladies.

Friends are gifts!

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