Closet Cleanout

I do a closet cleanout pretty regularly.  Every few months, I go through and purge items that are too big/small (lately they have been too big!), stained, torn, out of style…or that I just won’t wear anymore.
I have done this probably 4 times since we moved into this house, but I haven’t done anything with the clothes.  Part not knowing where to donate/sell, part feeling guilty for having so much and just tossing it…these bags have sat in the garage for months.
Well, last night I did another closet cleanout.  Another pile of clothes.  I didn’t want to just shove them in the garage, so I brought all the bags back in.  Separated them into sell (to Plato’s Closet), donate and trash. 
This is my sell bucket.  LOTS of clothes, shoes, scarves and more to take to Plato’s Closet today.  I’m hoping they want at least $75 of stuff.  I will put the money toward our vacay and Zumba convention next year.
The perk of cleaning out the closet?  Empty hangers.  We never have enough of those around…

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  1. You have now officially motivated me to clean out my closet! (Yes, partly because I need more hangers! Ha! Where do those things disappear to?)

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