Closing a Chapter

Closing a Chapter

Tonight is my last Zumba class. I’m not sure if/when I’m coming back. We have a new life to adjust to. And while I know I will want the activity and the outlet, the thought of working all day and teaching Zumba after (while basically not seeing my baby those days) hurts my heart….so I’m saying “See You Later” to my classes instead of a traditional maternity leave with a return 6 weeks after baby (which is what some other trainers at the gym have done).

I’ve been teaching Zumba for over 5 years. My classes started at just 5-6 people (one of which is still sticking around 5 years later!) but has grown to be a full class of 20+ most days. It’s been an honor to watch them grow in confidence, have fun, let loose, relieve stress, lose weight, and reach goals.

Teaching Zumba (most days) was super fun. Of course, like any job or obligation, there are days when you don’t want to be there…but those were few and far between. Most days I found such a release from dancing, smiling, having fun, and leading these classes. Part of me worries how I will find that without my regular classes – but I know I can attend classes, dance at home, or find another release entirely. I also know that I want to stay active, especially during the pregnancy. My main plan is to walk the dogs, walk with Tyler and mom, and maybe do some prenatal yoga. However after baby, I want to jump back into home DVDs. To be honest, some times teaching Zumba got in the way of other fitness goals I had. That may sound odd, but with the obligation of having to teach, I couldn’t fully exert myself on my own workouts (because I felt like I needed to save some of myself for my classes).

I’ve had some great highlights- Zumba brought me some of my best friends, gave me a local community when I felt like an outsider, allowed me to give back through Zumbathons, took me to convention where I had some fun times of learning and dancing.

I’ll still be subbing at the gym once in a while, so I’m excited to stick around some.

But for now, it’s turning the page on this chapter of my life. I’m hoping to get back to the shape I was a few years ago after baby (ha!) and I’m sure Zumba will be a part of that in one form or another…but I’m also excited to have my life back! I’ve been spending 2-3 nights at the gym for 5 years! I’m ready to enjoy going home after work and being with my people.

It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but I’m excited about where life is taking me!1149031_554956384552615_318560563_n.jpg

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