Come into My Confessional

I’m linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday.

These are my confessions…

I confess that I had cake for lunch yesterday (and punch, and a cookie).  It was a coworker’s baby shower.  At least I didn’t have lunch AND cake, right? 😉

I confess that after Jessica blogged about come movies from my childhood, I hopped over to Amazon and ordered An American Tail, The Great Mouse Detective, Brave Little Toaster, The Land Before Time, and Fievel Goes West.

I confess that Taylor Hanson cut his hair and (at least from the one picture I’ve seen), I hate it.  He’s not my favorite Hanson, but this might make me like Ike more than Tay. #sorrynotsorry #fansonproblems

I confess that I subscribed to a quilting magazine, which makes me feel like a grandma…but I love it.

I confess that our date tonight will consist of working out at the gym together, and then eating sushi (therefore negating said workout).  Oh well.  🙂

Happy Friday, folks!


  1. Everybody gets bad haircuts sometimes!!! IT WILL GROW BACK! YOU BETTER NOT LIKE IKE MORE! TAY IS MY FAVORITE!!!

  2. Aaaand everyone now thinks I’m nuts.

  3. Cake is acceptable for lunch everyday in my book 😉 New follower from Leslie’s blog!

  4. Yes! Glad you picked up The Brave Little Toaster! Ohh and The Great Mouse Detective is seriously one of my favorite Disney movies! Good choice. 🙂

    Have a good weekend, Britt!

  5. Oh my gosh….The brave little toaster! The best!

  6. A QUILTING magazine?!?! You really are a grandma. Soon you’ll forget how to operate your iPhone and blog…

  7. Guurrrrllll…about every 2 weeks or so I go for it and have dessert for a meal. I always think “this is so much better than dinner AND dessert”. Usually in the form of frozen yogurt. Yum!

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