Coming Home- Weekend Recap

 This past weekend, we went “home” to OBU for Homecoming.  I am so glad we made the trip and went.  Tyler had to take the day off to go, but he was so glad he did. The weekend was such a blessing.

We started off at OctTigerFest.  It is the big alumni event outside where each club and academic division has a table and area set up for the alumni to mingle.  I got to catch up with my pledge sister Kolby. Didn’t realize how much I missed this girl until I got to talk and laugh with her!

 Also got to see my great friend Sarajane, or SJ, as I call her.  She was a best friend, bridesmaid, and my DDS (inside joke…sorry!)  I LOVED getting to see her and hug her neck!
Another highlight was seeing my name engraved in the sidewalk.  They just finished the class of 2009, so we got to see it.  I’m Brittney Deanne above! yay!
 After OctTigerFest, we went to an alumni event for Tyler’s fraternity.  It is the 30th anniversary of Kappa Chi, so they had a special lunch event for everyone.  They even sang their little sis song to all the little sisters who were there.  It was sweet.
The funniest thing is that they had these boards with all the members from each year.  They got Tyler’s name backwards…Lee Tyler.  ha!
 Next I met some friends for lunch (forgot to get a pic!).  Shoutout to my awesome friends Liz, Walley and Kim for the great catch-up time.  So thankful for friends!
After, we met up at the football game.  The Tigers didn’t win, but it was fun to cheer on the OBU Tigers again!
 After the game, we met some friends and headed to Hot Springs for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was perfect.  We got there before the game traffic…and all 16 of us got to sit together.  This group was a bunch of Tyler’s pledge brothers, some of their wives and other friends.  So much fun!  I was good friends with many of those guys during our time at OBU, so I LOVED getting to catch up with them too.  And we got to have wings and watch some Razorback football!  Woo pig for beating Auburn!
 After dinner, we headed to Tiger Tunes!  Ran into my old roomie Karlee!  LOVE her!  Wish we would have had more time to catch up!
 The show was GREAT!  Every club’s show was great!  I was so proud of my little Tri Chis!  They were Housewives for their show and it was great!  They looked and sounded great!  In fact, at the early show on Saturday they won choreography!  So proud!
 Some of my pledge class was there for the late show.  There were 40 girls in my pledge class…so there are about 1/4 of us here.  Missed seeing the other 3/4!  LOVE you girls!
 And this was super fun!  This is my Tri Chi family!  My big sis Hannah is on the left, then me, then Emily (a great-great grand lil), and Haley (Emily’s big), Jenna (Haley’s big), Ashley (Emily’s twin) and Alden (my little).  We were missing a few girls…and one whole generation is missing…but it was fun to have everyone together!
What a blessed weekend at our second home- OBU.  Ouachita will always have a special place in our hearts.  Its more than a place.  Its the people, the traditions, the memories.  So fun to relive it!

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