Confessional Friday: Buy Me Things

Confessional Friday: Buy Me Things

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Confession: I’m broke.  I had some Christmas credit card bills to pay off, so all my extra money is going toward that.  Last year, they switched us from once a month pay to bi-weekly, and it feels like I’m always out of money in between paychecks.  I don’t like it.


So what do I do when I’m broke?  Virtual shop!  I love to look online and add things to my cart, and abandon them (sorry, Internet data people…I know abandon rates are something you track and I’m messing it all up).

Here are a few things you could buy me (since I’m not spending my own money on them!).  If you talk to my husband, let him know any of these would make a great Valentine or anniversary gift! ha!

Monogram visor.  Now before you go hating on the visor, I think I need one for beach/lake life this summer.I really like these taller visors with the fun monogram patch.

il_570xN.647053744_2rvq (1)

Vera Bradley trimmed tote (while I love lots of the colors, I am sort of digging the houndstooth, with a pink monogram, duh)


I’m also loving these lace up TOMS.  I sort of really want them before my work trip in March.  They would be great for the post-conference exploration each night. 🙂 AshCanvasWomensPaseos-10002799-1450x1015-H


In an unrelated confession, I confess I’m getting a massage tomorrow using a certificate I was given for Christmas…and I also wouldn’t be mad if someone bought me 10 more certificates for more massages (inquire within for my preferred masseuse info.)

I also confess that I’m pretty pumped about meeting a girlfriend for sushi tonight (Tyler works tonight…so hey girls night, hey!).  I’m ready to spend time with him tomorrow…but in the meantime, I’m gonna hang with my friends.


So, what do you need to confess?


  1. I am totally not a monogrammed visor kind of girl, but I confess that one’s pretty cute. 😉

    I confess I spent way too much money on dinner last night. 😮

  2. They are switching us from monthly to bi-weekly pay in May, and I confess that I’m extremely unhappy about it! I had my monthly budgets all set to go for all of 2015 – and this really messed things up. I feel like 1) I got a pay cut (while I know it’s the same amount over the long-run, my monthly income is so much lower 10 months out of the year), and 2) I had to completely re-learn how to budget after 9.5 years of monthly paychecks. And don’t even get me started on having to figure out what bill gets paid with what paycheck. I understand some stupid states don’t allow monthly pay (which is really stupid). But wouldn’t semi-monthly (twice a month) have been easier for us all? I have a specific day that most bills are due. I’d really like to have a specific day that my income arrives… Okay – I’ve griped enough, now I’ll deal with it and move on 🙂 Happy Friday, enjoy your girls night and hubby time!

  3. I am also in love with those lace up Toms. I love the color of them also. I hope they are just as comfortable as the regular ones. I got a pair of fuzzy inside ones for Christmas and I really love those. I have a houndstooth purse with matching scarf that I love. To me it is perfect for fall so maybe save it for then. I’m not sure why houndstooth screams fall to me.

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