Confessional Friday: Embarrassing Moments

Confessional Friday: Embarrassing Moments

I’m linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday.  Today is all about embarrassing moments.

Now, I’m not easily embarassed.  I just brush most things off.  I figure things are only as awkward as you make them, so I just move alone pretending like nothing ever happened.

However, there are a few moments that stick out in my mind.

1) I am STILL mortified by this…and it happened in the summer before 7th grade.  My mom and I were at Goody’s clothing store buying back-to-school clothing.  She apparently got bored or something and decided to be “Secret Agent Mom.” She was hiding behind racks, shuffling from one to another…and humming the Mission Impossible Theme.

I wish I was kidding.

2) In college, we had a freshmen talent show.  I auditioned and was selected to sing.  In an effort to show out (I mean, I was fresh meat on campus…and wanted to make a statement) I selected a song that was a bit showy (but a Christian song, of course.  We love the humble brag.  Show out while worshipping…duh.)   Well, I was so excited on my way to the show, that I dropped my CD.  It fell out of the case, but I picked it up and went to the theater.  During the performance, my CD started skipping.  It sounded like I was WAY off the music for about 30 seconds in the middle of the song.  Then when I figured out what happened, I had a hard time discerning which part of the song we were at…so I stood there not singing for another 30 seconds.  1/3 of the song gone.  Luckily, I was able to recover it…and I wasn’t known as “the girl who couldn’t sing” during college…but I was still MORTIFIED.

3) On our honeymoon in Hawaii, we went snorkeling at a bay we found.  In order to get to the water, you had to cross all these rocks. This is the beautiful bay (in its glorious overexposed/blue glory…see the GIANT rocks leading to the water?)

I am totally 100% unsure of my footing, so I wanted Tyler to hold my hand.  Well, we were wearing flippers, carrying snorkel gear, and cameras.  He was moving too fast.  I (in a moment of panic) thought I was going to fall and bust my head open on my honeymoon.  I started freaking out.  Whining, screaming “Tyler, grab my hand…you have to help me…I need your hand….please come back…” And Tyler said, “Brittney, people are staring.  And you are at the water’s edge…Just get in!”

So I freaked out for NOTHING.

So those are my top 3 embarrassing moments. What is your most embarrassing moment?  Join the linkup or leave a comment!



  1. LOL the last one is my favorite 🙂

  2. awwwkward. i don’t get embarrassed easily either but i get tongue tied easily so that never fails to give me a few embarrassing moments…

  3. Sorry about the first one……I do love you!!!! The last one had me laughing hysterically…..

  4. Haha, I love that your mom did that. At Goody’s too! I haven’t been in or seen a Goody’s in ages!! New follower here…love your blog!

  5. I’m just laughing SO hard! Girl, my most embarrassing moments are WAY worse! Loss of clothing, accidental flashings of church deacons and a butt covered in butter are just a few of mine! Trust me, nobody wants to hear all that! Hahaha!!!

    (I think your Mama humming the MI theme is my favorite one of yours, though)

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