Confessional Friday: Pet Peeves

I’m linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday.  Today’s theme is pet peeves.

People who don’t think before they speak. Words have consequences, yo.  They can make you look stupid or hurt someone.  Last night at the gym, a lady asked me if I was pregnant (there IS an ultrasound pic in the aerobics room b/c another instructor is preggo….but STILL!).  I had to laugh and tell her “Nope, I just found 10 pounds since the last time I saw you.”

People who come up and pet your dog without asking. Mikey is cute and fluffy, but he doesn’t love strangers.  He has been known to snap at folks.  I HATE when people approach us and pet him without asking.

Restaurants who bring you a new glass instead of refilling yours. Not only is that a waste (extra glasses, lots of dish washing), but it means I wait longer for a drink because you have to get a new glass every time.  I drink like a camel.  I’m not offended by a pitcher of water.

Stores that don’t play music. Your store is too quiet.  I need background music in my life.

People who pin annoying things. I get it.  You like Marilyn Monroe/crocheting/puppies/funny ecards…but when you pin 100 things in 5 minutes, you are annoying to me, taking up my whole Pinterest feed.  I have some private boards for that sort of thing.

 Sale/Sell. I’ve said it before, but I KEEP seeing it everywhere.  You have a Garage Sale (saw a sign this morning for a Garage Sell)….and you sell a car, or your car is for sale. Different words, people.

Hanson jokes. MMM-yeah, MMM-Hanson, MMM-music, MMM-anything.  It’s annoying.  They have had more songs than MMMBop (even off that debut album!).  Please stop with the MMM jokes. They aren’t funny. 

What gets on your nerves?


  1. Totally agree with these, esp. the pinterest one. I am so tired of seeing stupid stuff…I have actually stopped “following” a few people for that reason…same with IG. My 12 year old cousins are on there, and I love them but I do NOT follow them anymore. Holy stupid photos!

  2. My husband is the same way with drinks at a restaurant. And he will act a fool to get more to drink. So embarrassing.

  3. Oh I was thinking the EXACT SAME thing about my life needing background music when I was in Target on Tuesday at lunch!!

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