Confessional Friday: That’s What’s Up

Confessional Friday: That’s What’s Up

Confessions for this Friday…linking up with a Blonde Ambition.


I confess that I am eating a donut today.  Nope, it’s not on the plan.  Yes, I’m going out of town this weekend and will be eating a few meals out. Everything in moderation. 🙂

I confess that I used clear mascara in my hair today to keep my baby hairs/broken hairs at bay.

I confess that I invited my parents over for dinner last night, and then put them to work after.  Mom instinctively jumps in to help with dishes, etc…and I may have left the dishwasher full yesterday morning because I knew mom would help me unload them later. She also helped me sweep my guest bathroom and clean out my car. 🙂 Thanks, mom!

I confess that I’m addicted to podcasts.  I have been listening to Radiolab for a long time, but after getting into Serial, I’ve started listening to more of them.  I enjoy the programs a lot.  Newest obsession is Invisibilia.

I confess that I am feeling like a rockstar with my weight loss.  I’ve lost 5 pounds since the new year.  Boom.  Hence allowing myself a donut today, and a splurge or two this weekend.

I confess that many of the new gym goers are already disappearing from my Zumba class, and I’m not mad about it.  Yes, I love meeting new people.  And I hope that they find something they love.  I hope they love my classes.  But teaching to newbies and teaching to my regulars are two different things.  I get to let loose a little more with the people who already know me, know my dances, and know what they’re doing.

I confess that I started taking supplements to keep me mentally sharp.  I’m not sleeping great lately, and to fight off the groggy feeling, I’m a mental jedi with my Rhodiola. 🙂 I’m also an old person, with my supplements at my desk at work.  Hey, I remember to take them when they stare at me!


I confess I’m so excited to see my best friend in a couple of weeks.  Alden and her husband, Mike, are coming to visit over Valentine’s Day…and I just can’t wait.  Double date here we come! 🙂

What’s on your chest today?  Confess it!


  1. I’m confessing I’m super excited about my little getaway this weekend!! ❤️

  2. I confess I used some dry shampoo this morning to avoid showering & washing my hair (since I need to shower tonight ANYWAY).

    What kind of doughnut? I must know everything!

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