Confessional Friday

These are my confessions…

-I get to go in to work an hour later today, but I got up at the normal time to get a few things done (dishes, blog, maybe a load of laundry).   My husband says I’m crazy that I didn’t take the extra hour of sleep.

-I am getting a massage tomorrow.  I bought some gift certificates for half price on a deal site for this spa.  This will be my 4th trip there (I’m breaking the big certificates into single treatments).  I kinda really dislike the spa.  Everything is dusty (the product shelves), and they don’t have the best customer service.  But man oh man, do they give a GREAT massage.

-We watched “Hall Pass” last night.  It was funny.  Super funny, in fact. But there was some nudity (both male and female) and I felt like an old prude because I thought “that was totally unnecessary”  and I also thought “boy parts are so ugly” ha!

-My mom found a new dog for her and my dad.  They had to put Peso, our little mutt, down a couple weeks ago.  He was just too old and too sick.  She found a dog here in town, a Peekapoo (poodle/pekinese mix).  His name is Cabo.  He is super cute.  Exhibit A:

I am going to pick him up for mom tomorrow.  I hope she comes to get him soon, because I might just fall in love with the little guy!

-I saw a dietician this week (as a follow up from when I was feeling so lethargic all the time), and she told me I needed to eat more.  What?  I’m trying to lose weight!  I eat 1500 calories a day of relatively healthy food!  3 meals and 2-3 snacks!  I honestly feel a little nervous about upping my daily calorie goal.  She told me to give it a month and see how it goes.  Hope I don’t do more harm than good.

-Speaking of my lethargic feeling….it has improved since I cut back on my Zumba classes.  I used to teach 7 classes a week…and at April 1, I went to 5 classes a week.  I haven’t fallen asleep on the couch all week, and last night I was able to watch a movie on the couch without feeling sleepy or falling asleep.  I don’t think that has happened in months!  I’m glad to know there was nothing wrong except me being physically exhausted!

-We don’t have any big weekend plans really.  Sunday, Tyler’s grandpa is celebrating his 80th birthday….so we will be there.  But Friday and Saturday- we will probably just hang out at home.  The exciting life, ya know.

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!


  1. hahahaha im the same way with movies. sometimes its just like, really? did you need that? just stopping by from the linkup! cute blog, new follower!

    happy friday!

    xo Kelly


  2. They told you to eat MORE? Can I please go see your dietician? What I wouldn’t give for someone to tell me to eat more!

  3. good luck following your dietician’s advice! I’ve never been to one, but I know that they definitely know what’s going on.

    hope you had a great weekend 🙂

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Confessional Friday

Let’s get some stuff out in the open, k?

1. I am in desperate need of a pedicure.  My toenails have no polish on them (and while I can paint my fingernails, I never can do my toes well….) so I have been wearing open-toed shoes with no polish.  My 10 pound weight loss goal is a pedicure….so I’m holding out.  Should be this week or next (hopefully) when I meet that goal and earn a pedicure.

2. I have had two of the best embarassing moments in Zumba this week.  My ego and my butt are bruised.  On Tuesday, I tripped over my own feet and fell.  Flat on my butt.  Yesterday, I had on a trapeze-style loose top and my thumb got caught in the hem during a move and I pulled my shirt over my head (flashing the class).  This happened in all three classes.  I turned bright red.  But at least we all got a good laugh.

3. In September when I went to see Hanson, I took a pair of jeans with me.  As I got ready for the concert, the jeans were too small…and me and Amber had to run to the mall to buy me some new jeans to wear.  Bummer moment.  However, today I am wearing those jeans!  Size 10 baby!  Woohoo!

4. I REALLLLLLY want to see the Hunger Games again in theaters.  Tyler refuses to go with me because he said I’m gonna buy it anyway, so he just wants to wait to watch it so we don’t spend too much money on one movie.  Lame.

5. I bought a Ricky Martin CD in the bargain bin at Best Buy.  Yes I did.  It is the one with Living La Vida Loca.  I have been jamming to latin tunes all week at work.

6. I might stay home tomorrow morning/afternoon to “clean” (aka lay out in my chair on the back porch, catch some rays, and read). 

Have a happy Friday friends!  See ya after the weekend!


  1. I wish I could stay home and “clean” today, too! Your version of cleaning sounds wonderful!! 🙂

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