Confessional Friday

I am linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday!

1. I feel like I’ve been a really predictable blogger.  Weekend Recap, WILW, and Confessions for the past few weeks.  It is just that nothing super interesting is going on.  Plus at the new job, I write all day, so I have to find inspiration to write about things that don’t involve cross-country moving (if you are visiting, I recently switched jobs to be a copy writer for a national moving company.)

2. We are having food day at work.  That means everyone in our area (about 18 people) each bring a different dish and we graze all day.  I am calling it Fat Kid Friday (in honor of my fave morning show- Wake Up with Taylor!  Any other Cosmo radio listeners out there?).  I am planning on basically only eating at work today.  I didn’t eat breakfast.  Didn’t pack a lunch.  Hoping to stay within my calorie goal by only making 2 passes through the line.  I refuse to graze all day.

*edit: This is Shane (my coworker) holding his “man salad” from food day.  It is queso and chips topped with Chic-fil-a nuggets and buffalo chicken dip and doritos.  And its only 9:30 a.m.*

3. I am going tomorrow for a massage, facial, and pedicure.  I bought the certificates during a local auction for CHEAP!  The spa is not very nice, but they give a great massage.  However, they are the WORST business people ever!  They never answer the phone, never call you back, and twice they “misplaced” my appointment and I had to reschedule.  Let’s just say I won’t be a great tipper after my services tomorrow.

4. I am hoping to lay out some tomorrow.  I am debating just laying on the back porch or lugging my chair and towel to the lake lot my parents just bought.  The lot is only 10 minutes away….but that also means possibily seeing people while my casper-white legs shine in the sun.

5. My MIL came over for dinner last night.  She always cleans up after dinner (as her thank you for me cooking) and I always feel so guilty for her cleaning up my mess.  But I have to admit, sometimes when my kitchen is dirty, I want to cook a big meal and invite her over to have help cleaning! 🙂

6. I am planning a Zumbathon in town for Relay for Life in a few weeks.  The details stress me out.  I LOVE planning and hosting events, but I tend to go overboard in the details.  No detail overlooked makes for one stressed Brittney.

7. We have an awesome ice machine at work.  It makes Sonic-like ice.  I may or may not daily get a cup of ice and chomp away.  I am THAT co-worker.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Hey girl hey!! I love Taylor, but I REALLY love Kenny!

  2. That “man salad” looks so delicious! I need to come by your job for a free lunch! LOL. I would like to hear more details on your Zumbathon. I just recently started taking Zumba classes and I now understand the hype.

    Enjoy your weekend!


    • A Zumbathon is a 3 hour Zumba event featuring lots of local instructors. Usually they benefit an organization- ours is for the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society). It will be held in Fort Smith, AR. Are you local? If you are near here, I would love to have you come! 🙂

  3. I feel like I’m a predictable blogger too. A massage, facial, and pedicure sounds amazing right now. I have a gift certificate for a massage that’s oh about a year and a half old! I need to use it soon!

  4. Love the idea of a Zumbathon for Relay for Life. That sounds like so much fun!!

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