My oh my I got a lot done today.

I had to get up early and go to Springdale to pick up a UPS package that I missed in delivery. Its a new battery for my laptop. My poor little Vaio would only stay charged for like 30 minutes, so now I can unplug it!

Then I headed to the library. I got 6 pages of my historical paper done! I already had 4, so that makes 10 pages complete! Its a 20 page paper, so now I’m halfway there! I’m hoping to knock it out Thursday and Friday. I can do it. Some of my colleagues have REALLY bad attitudes when it comes to papers, especially this historical paper. But I’m trying to stay positive and motivated and get it done.

Then, I talked with Dr. A about my health comm paper. She gave me a great idea to do a research proposal for a study on the social support messages found on infertility blogs. Which is awesome. Can’t wait to research and write it. However, now I’m confused.

See, if I write this proposal, I can just leave it and never do the research. Or…I could perhaps use it for my thesis. But I thought I had another thesis idea, looking at the content of “mommy blogs.” I like them both….so which one should I do? I guess I’ll have to talk through that with my advisors. Oh well…

Now I’m just waiting on Tyler to get home. I had dinner out with the girls for Laveda’s b-day, so I’m watching DWTS and chilling out.

PS. Happy one month anniversary to us! 🙂

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