Here is a fact about me. I am happy. Satisfied. Pleased. Content.

Sure, my life looks pretty great from the outside looking in.  And, honestly, it is pretty great.  I have two jobs  I adore, we have a beautiful home, a great marriage, and we are both healthy. But there is so much more that isn’t on the surface.

There are people I want to kick in the throat (some on a daily basis). There are frustrating days. There are family issues. There are money worries.  There are times I hate my body. But I’m choosing to seek the joy in my daily life.

I think in life you have a choice.  You can be jealous, upset, worried, and compare yourself to others. I’ve been there at different points in my life.  That choice is tough.  You stay bitter, you have trouble truly loving people (because you want to hate them), and you are hard on yourself.

But years ago I chose differently.  I chose to be happy.  I chose to let the little things roll of my back. I chose to love myself and my life. I chose to see the little blessings in my life. I chose to live as drama free as possible, all based on the fact that I would choose happiness. And this has resulted in the biggest case of contentment that I’ve ever known.

I constantly pray for contentment and joy, they don’t come naturally.  I really think it is a discipline to work on these things.  Sure, there are great days.  But it can be hard to have great weeks, let alone great months, or great years.  But, after much prayer and being totally conscious about my attitude, I’m totally rocking life these days. šŸ™‚

And it isn’t me.  It has a lot to do with the blessings the Lord has given me, but it mostly has to do with the joy and happiness I have found in Him.  This contentment has allowed me to love my friends and family more.  I make friends so easily because I can easily feel God’s love for those people. I enjoy my jobs more (and I think I’m successful in my jobs) because I’m so grateful for them. I cherish my marriage because I choose to not “pick” at my husband, but instead to see the wonderful things he does.  He may not always take the trash out, but I can be ok with that.

I love this graphic.  “The filled people are the truly happy people.”  I want to be freaking overflowing, y’all.

Where are you?  Are you feeling content? Or are you insecure, unhappy, and bitter?  I hope you make the choice, at least for today, to choose happiness.  Satisfaction. Contentment. Happiness.  It is there. You just have to choose to see it.


  1. Cindy Brockway

    You have inspired me. Your candid comments and honesty are refreshing! Thanks!

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