Cookbook Challenge: Mesa Grill Cornbread

Cookbook Challenge: Mesa Grill Cornbread

When we were in Vegas, we ate at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  The entire meal was amazing, but one of the highlights was the bread basket.  Yes, that’s correct.  The bread basket.  There was the most amazing blue corn cornbread in the basket.  It was spicy, chunky, cheesy, and wonderful.

Well, after we got home, Tyler was STILL talking about that cornbread, so I ordered the Mesa Grill cookbook. I was thrilled to try the recipe for the cornbread.

I actually tried it over Thanksgiving.

This was a half-success.  We liked it, but it wasn’t the same as we had previously.  The ones we ate had cheese in them (or so we thought!)- this recipe does not.  I also thought they were quite salty- so next time I will cut the salt back.  And the recipe says you can use all yellow corn meal without changing the taste, but I disagree.  Next time, I will splurge for some blue corn meal.

The recipe I used can be found in the Mesa Grill Cookbook, but there’s another recipe on that differs quite a bit.  Next time I will try that one.  The salt is MUCH less (the cookbook called for 4 tsp salt!) and also includes some sugar (where the cookbook does not).

We had them at Thanksgiving and they were yummy with pepper jelly! I would suggest trying the Food Network recipe though- it seems to be a bit more on the balanced side. I also think next time I will throw in some shredded cheddar too, since Tyler thinks the muffins we ate were cheesy.

So not exactly a cookbook fail, but not a bulls-eye either. And neither was the blurry pic I captured before eating one. ha!

IMG_1693 (2)

I’m not finished with this cookbook.  I’ve got several more recipes marked to try- including the AMAZING steak we had for dinner and a green pea risotto. Stay tuned. 🙂



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