Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

I haven’t been in a ton of weddings, but in my experience, there is usually one person in the wedding party who excitedly said “Yes” to being in the wedding party without considering the costs.

I’m SUPER pumped about my friend’s upcoming wedding, and this is in NO WAY derogatory to her or anything. But I know that during this process, being a bridesmaid (well, a matron of honor because I’m an old hag), I’ve spent some money.  For those of you who may get asked to be a bridesmaid or in a wedding party in the future, here are a few things to consider.

I would estimate for both weddings I’ve been in, they have cost around $1000 per wedding to be in.

Being a bridesmaid is expensive! Find out what you'll be spending over $1000 on!

Let me break that cost down for you:

  • Dress: $150-200
  • Dress alterations: $50
  • Gifts (lingerie showers, bridal showers, wedding gift): $200
  • Hosting showers: $100-200 (typically the bridal party helps host a shower or party.  There are food, decorations, etc. to buy).
  • Travel to the pre-wedding events: $150 for me (I’ve been within driving distance of these events)
  • Travel to the wedding (including hotel stays): $400
  • Wedding hair/makeup (in one wedding, the bride paid for this. In another, I was offered these services, but I had to pay for them myself): $50
  • Wedding beauty prep (spray tan, eyebrow wax, etc.): $100

That comes to $1250!

See that easy that was to total over $1000?! So I would say this, be honest with yourself, your budget, and your friend. If you can’t afford to be in their wedding, tell them.  Don’t put yourself in debt over it!  And if you are trying to budget wisely, you could cut some corners (not attend pre-wedding events with gifts, do your own beauty prep, etc.) but it can be tough to cut out some expenses like the dress and travel to the wedding.

So, if your friend asks you to be her bridesmaid, consider the costs, and start saving!


  1. Weddings are so gosh darn expensive! Last year when I was Matron of Honor (old hag here too, lol), I saved by skipping the spray tan, which made me look normal and all the other girls look orange, having an aunt do my alterations and driving to FL instead of flying. Like you said though, it all adds up so fast!

  2. I’ve always said if I ever get married again would cover all the expenses for anyone I asked to be in my wedding. Why should they have to pay to celebrate? Now, that being said, I don’t plan to get remarried! 🙂 I remember how expensive they were back in the day when I was in the bridesmaid circuit and that was in the 90’s! Gosh, I sound old….

  3. It’s definitely expensive which is why I’m glad all of my friends are like me, old and already married!

  4. I’ve been a bridesmaid MANY times…. LOL. So when my day finally came I only had two attendants and I paid for their dresses, shoes and hair. They were very appreciative.

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