Counting the Days…

So its Wednesday. Middle of the week. Stuck in the middle with you. (Sometimes I burst into random songs).

I am just counting the days. That’s where I am.

Days until I head home for my wedding shower and bridal portraits: 2 (I count today. So I go home Friday. I have today and tomorrow to live through first).

Days until my next shower in Ty’s hometown: 11 I’m excited to meet and get to know some of the people there.

Days until the wedding: 52 (OMG! REALLY?)

My mental to do list (which isn’t mental anymore because I’m writing it down): to get tuxes, our marriage license, book one more honeymoon excursion, get groomsmen and usher gifts, and have our bachelor/ette parties. Woohoo for that. And we need to do the programs and the favors too. Yup…we are trucking.

Counting down the days….

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