County Fair: Wee Princess

County Fair: Wee Princess

(Professional pictures will come later when I get the disc…)

My mom kept my old baby pageant dresses alllll these years, so I wanted an opportunity for Remi to wear them!  Our county fair had a little pageant, so we decided to enter it.

I had to clean the dress (it had been in a box for 30 years! More on the cleaning later), and then I added more rhinestones (you can’t be too sparkly). And she looked ADORABLE.

And she won her age group!

Here’s my sweet princess in mommy’s old pageant dress.

A sweet middle schooler backstage took this picture for me.

This is me 30 years ago in the same dress (a size smaller, my mom loved this style so we had two different runs of it)

And Remi wearing my old dress now.

We actually started with casual wear, and this funny tongue sticking out is what the grandma’s snapped from the crowd.

She LOVED the claps!  When we left the stage, she kept asking for more claps.

I’m not sure she really knew what was going on, but since then, she keeps playing with her trophy and sash, so she likes them.

These were the three girls in her age group. Such sweet little baby girls!

All the winners!

We are so proud of our girl.  While she LOVED it, I’m not sure we are entering any more pageants until she can tell us she wants to.  They can get really expensive, and I don’t want to force her into anything. But she did love it that day!

More pictures (and hopefully videos) to come soon!

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