Cozumel Beach and Family Resort

Cozumel Beach and Family Resort

Our first port was Cozumel, Mexico. We decided NOT to do an excursion with the boat for one main reason: Remi girl hasn’t loved sand before this. And by that I mean, she DID NOT WANT TO TOUCH IT AT ALL.  And most of the excursions were beach based (or adventures, which she couldn’t go on anyway).

So I did some digging and found a family-friendly resort called Playa Mia that had beach access but also some nice pool areas in case she was sand averse.

We got off the boat to GORGEOUS weather and blue seas and skies.

This little diva was READY to explore!


We had to take a taxi to get to the resort, which involved finding the taxis. Ha!  The directions I read online were a little foggy once we got on land (there wasn’t really a defined “street” but more of a pedestrian area, so I wasn’t sure)….but ALL the locals were SO HELPFUL. In fact, when we would ask other tour operators, they would just give us information and not press us to use their services at all. It was refreshing.

On the way, Remi found fun things to explore.  She thought this was a ride- she was asking us to put money in it.


Playa Mia was WONDERFUL. The kids area alone was worth it (we only paid for a day pass, we didn’t do any food or beverages).

LOTS of kid-friendly slides and fun stuff.  Two big slides (you can see them behind here) that the grown ups enjoyed!


There was a gorgeous pool and hot tub, too!


And then on the beach in the ocean was the AMAZING floating obstacle course. I didn’t do it, but the moms and Ty did (I stayed on the beach with Remi) and they said it was fun and hard.


I was SO THRILLED to get to sit on the beach and watch my girl PLAY IN THE SAND.


She said “I like beach”  “I like sand” PRAISES!


She loved all the slides. She’s so adventurous and wanted to go down EVERY SINGLE ONE.


At one point, my mom fell (no pictures of that).  She was holding Remi and lost her footing with wet feet and fell. Remi was fine, but mom got pretty banged up (bleeding on ankle, elbow, foot).  The resort handled it WONDERFULLY and had a paramedic come clean her up.  We were thankful she was ok, but it shook us all up.

After we finished up at the resort, we headed back to the boat. On the way back, we did a little shopping.  We tried to avoid these guys because they looked a little scary, but Remi saw them and wanted to go near them. She LOVED them.  She’s so fearless.


That evening, we enjoyed the sunset in our room while we got ready (after a good long nap and lunch), and then headed to dinner.


At dinner, there were always several birthdays around the dining room.  At one point, Nancy said “Oh my goodness, another birthday!” SO everytime “Happy Birthday” would start, Remi would say “Oh my goodness!  Nother birthday!”  A waiter made her a birthday candle from a napkin so she could celebrate, too!


A fun towel animal at bedtime!


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