The crater

So I am at Tyler’s. I’m trying to get the less harsh area of this ice/snow storm they are calling for this evening.

Well, at Ty’s house, there is no guest room. So when I come, my chivalrous prince gives me his bed and he sleeps on the couch. And you see, Tyler’s bed is quite comfortable. It’s memory foam and big and warm. But it has a crater.

See..since its memory foam, over the years it has formed a Tyler size whole in the bed. Which is great for Tyler, but when I sleep in it, I fall in. And I roll around a lot…so once in the crater, I have to expound a lot of energy to roll out of it. Then it’s gravitational pull brings me back in over and over again all night long. Last night, I think I pulled something in this fight with the crater. I can hardly raise my left arm over my head because my back muscles are KILLING me.

But, I’m here for several nights. Me and the crater are going to fight. Its going to be ugly and the crater will probably win. But I’m not giving up.

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