Ok, I decided to check the stats on my blog.  Look at my list of searches that led people to my blog….
Ok, girls on pit bikes I understand…Tyler rides pit bikes and I’ve blogged about it…. Foundation trench and colors that pop next to white trim, ceiling cut out and kitchen light I get because we built our house and I blogged about it…
I even get caliderma cleanser because once I won some and blogged about it.
I don’t get red lobster bread….”christmas stuffed dancing squealing reindeer”  (really?) and “crotch pants”???
I might need to reevaluate what I write about if folks are finding my blog through these terms! ha!

*upon further racking of my brain as to why crotch pants would take people here…I remembered this post about Shakira on DWTS and some low-crotch pants.  Ah ha!  And yes, I realize that everytime I type “crotch pants” here that it only makes it more likely for people to come here for that search term.  So crotch pants, crotch pants, crotch pants.  And welcome to all those who are searching for crotch pants.  You have come to the wrong place.*


  1. What are crotch pants? or do I even want to know? HA! Some of my searches are a little random too…but not as random as crotch pants! haha too funny.

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