Crazy Drive in the Snow

We attempted leaving my Mom’s on Christmas day, but there were roads closed…so we were stuck.
Well, on Wednesday, we had to get home.  We had to get Mikey from my MIL, and we had to get to work.
So we drove home in the snow.  Arkansas isn’t awesome at de-snowing and de-icing their roads…so some of the spots were a bit trecherous. However, with my 4 wheel drive SUV and a great driver, we were perfectly safe!
Hot Springs hadn’t really done much to their roads.  Lots of snow and a little ice underneath.

There were some big trees down that we had to go around…

But then the next county had scraped and salted their roads.  For the most part (except for a few shaded spots) the roads were clear…

Until the end of the drive when we got on some country roads….back to snow covered.

But it was all worth it to drive up and see our beautiful land all snow-covered and pristine!
Glad we made it home safely!


  1. Driving in the snow makes me so nervous, that’s why we bought a SUV with 4WD last year. It makes me feel so much safer. Glad you guys made it home!

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