Crazy for Fiestaware- Gusto Bowls

First off, let me preface this by saying, I did not intend on being crazy about Fiestaware. I saw it at a friend’s house in college and thought it was fun casual china…and that I wanted it one day. Then I registered for it and started getting some as gifts, and something happened. Something crazy. I went nuts for Fiestaware. And here I am today, growing my collection all the time. I shall use pictures to better demonstrate the latest episode.
The latest growth in my collection occurred when mom was here last. We went to Kohl’s and they had Fiesta buy one get one free! So I got myself two new gusto bowls. (Gusto bowls are perfect. They are big enough to be serving bowls for sides like corn or green beans…and also small enough to use as bowls for chili or stews and heavy soups or even for bigger entree type salads. The tall sides make it easy to mix up the salad).

I already had 4 gusto bowls..and decided to get 2 more in Peacock and Lemongrass. Well, the 2 I brought home were colors I already had in gusto bowls (along with Tangerine and Cinnabar)….so I took them back the next week to exchange for new colors. While I was at Kohl’s, I noticed there were 4 colors they had there that I didn’t have in the gusto bowls- Scarlet, Cobalt, Ivory, and Sunflower. I couldn’t pick just 2…so I exchanged my 2 and bought one more and got one more free. So I took home 4 new gustobowls.

Well, I have an issue with the ivory Fiesta. I don’t really like it. Its muted yellowy color is icky to me. I didn’t want that bowl anymore. But I can’t have an odd number of bowls! What to do? Ebay.

I went to my favorite discount Fiesta seller on eBay (yes, I have one) and looked at their gustobowls. Oh no. Colors I don’t have. So I decided to buy one more in Turquoise so I could take the Ivory one back. Ok…but I started thinking (always a problem)…that I have 10 place settings…and what if I have people over and serve soup or big salads…I won’t have gusto bowls for everyone. So I ordered 3 (yes 3 more) gustobowls….in Turquoise (above), Persimmon (a new color for me!!) and Shamrock. And I’m done collecting gusto bowls.

A simple buy one get one sale turned into 6 new bowls for the Lee home.

Anyone want to come over for some soup? I have lots of bowls…..


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