Creative Little Mind

Creative Little Mind

We’ve really been able to see Remi thinking creatively outside the box recently. It makes me SO happy to watch her make sense of her world and figure out new ways to interact with it!

The first is how she’s been playing gymnastics ever since our trip to see the Razorbacks. We had her butcher paper rolled out to color and all of a sudden, she backed up, ran down it and jumped at the end, saying “I do nastics!”  Since then, it’s evolved.

The HAS to back the paper up the wall.  She has us mark a spot where she jumps- the line in the blurry pic (for some reason, our living room lighting is TERRIBLE for photos), and then she rolls over the end of the roll.  It’s so fun!


She has played with her magnetic tiles for a while, but she usually builds one type of square tower using square blocks.  The other day, she grabbed a triangle for her base and built a triangle tower! It may not seem like much, but her realizing these other pieces could be used was a BIG deal!


And she’s not naked, but her little back and booty is popping ha!  But she took her train set- which she usually asks us to set up- and started creating her own road.  She made a tunnel under the bridge and made this road.  She was pretty proud when she had used up all the pieces (even if she had to be told “It’s ok that they don’t all connect- not all roads are circles!”

I love watching how she is learning and developing!

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