I have been overwhelmed with critters this week.
For starters, on Saturday when I was cleaning, I decided to wipe out the cabinets.  As I was wiping out one cabinet (the one with the cord from the stove running through it has a hole in and a hole out), I found mouse poop.  So I cleaned it up and put a mousetrap in that cabinet.  And we caught a mouse.  Gross.  Tyler carried the trap outside to put it in our burn hole (yes, we are country and have a huge hole in our back yard for trash and limbs and stuff….and we burn the contents). Oh country life.  I am not used to you yet.  Supposedly, mice are pretty common when you live in a pasture as we do.
I have more mousetraps set in that cabinet because mice often don’t live alone.
Then, yesterday, I had to stop on my way home because there were two chickens crossing the road.  Yup.  No, this isn’t a joke.  They were just strutting across the street.
This is the worst.  When I got home Wednesday night, I noticed this black spot moving across the yard.  So on my way in the house, I walked into the yard to see what it was.  It was this TARANTULA! 

AH!  We live in the country, so this isn’t uncommon….but I have only seen them on the road (where I run them over), not so close to my house.  It was still like 30 yards from the house, so it proabably wouldn’t have gotten inside.  But still.  So awful! (It was smashed to death after taking this photo.  And that is a shovel it is resting on, for size comparison).
After the tarantula incident, Tyler, me and my MIL were sitting outside because its so nice.  On Saturday, when cleaning, I finally hung out hummingbird feeder that we bought a while back.  And we got our first hummingbird! 
He was fast, and this was with my iPhone, but you can tell that blob at the top is a hummingbird! 🙂
I have to get a taller shephard’s hook to hang it from.  I read online that more will come if its higher up (right now its on a 3 foot hook…and I read online to hang the feeders 6+ feet up).
I can’t wait to see MORE hummingbirds, and my life will be wonderful if I NEVER see another mouse or tarantula.
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  1. Oh girl, i see tarantulas like every other day in the summer…lol you’ll get used to it! YAY for the hummingbird!!!! love those little guys!

    • I’m not sure I’m cut out for this country life. ha! This tarantula sighting made Tyler say “See you don’t need a pool after all…it would just attract tarantulas!” ha!

  2. My parents live in the country so I’m used to tarantulas and snakes. They still freak me out though! And be careful girl, tarantulas can jump! Seriously! I found a nasty looking spider on my stairs this morning — he was already dead. I guess he knew what was good for him. 😉

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