Crowning the Next Queen

Crowning the Next Queen

The Fair pageant and talent show were a part of the county fair this year, after being cancelled in 2020. Remi had won Tiny Princess in 2019, so she was still the title holder. They invited her to help hand out awards, and she LOVED being on stage.

She picked out this whole ensemble, including necklace and bracelet.

She got to help with door prizes.

And the cutest was her putting the crown on the new little winner.

The queen that reigned with Remi was our sweet friend Faith (Remi’s first not family baby sitter!). We just love her and had to get one last pic of them together as sister queens.

She wanted to compete this year, but you can’t win back to back, so we are going to try our area fair. I’m sure we will be back here next year!

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