Current Obsessions

Current Obsessions

I go through phases.  Phases where I’m utterly obsessed with things.

I always LOVE Hanson, but around tour time, I became OBSESSED with Hanson listening to music all the time, watching Youtube videos at lunch….and just overly consuming Hanson stuff.

Well, mom and I have a NYC trip booked for the Spring.  And we are seeing 5 musicals…so I’m on full on Broadway obsession.  I am listening to Broadway radio, listening to soundtracks on my iPod…and my favorite have been videos on my lunch.  I’m just watching basically every “Show People” and their web serieses (is that the plural of series? I don’t know!) that’s ever existed. I’m swimming in Broadway and loving it.

The only thing is I’m SO sad that First Date already closed.  I LOVE Krysta Rodriguez.

So yup.  That’s my current obsession.  Broadway baby.  I’m resisting the urge to add Broadway songs to my Zumba classes. 🙂


  1. I go through serious phases too!

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