Dallas Weekend/Zumbatomic

On Friday, I headed to Dallas for the weekend with my mom. But we had a purpose for the weekend- I was attending a Zumbatomic training!

I was a bad blogger and didn’t really take any pictures this weekend…

But mom and I took off Friday (well, I met her halfway…) and we ran into some nasty storms on the ride there. We stopped at ate dinner in Greenville, TX at TaMolly’s! There was a TaMolly’s in Arkadelphia where I went to college and we always loved having lunch there, so we were beyond excited when we saw it on the side of the interstate. We finished driving and made it to the hotel and crashed.

Saturday, I headed to the day-long training. It was great! Met some fun Zumba instructors and learned all about Zumbatomic. Its a Zumba program for kids ages 4-12. So great!

Here I am with my certificate showing off my instructor jacket!

After the training, I came back for a quick shower, then we went to the mall for a little shopping! Its never a trip with mom unless we shop a bit! I got a new pair of dress capris, and a few tops…and some new Fiestaware I can’t wait to show you (its staying in the box until after we move).

Then we had THE BEST dinner at Pappadeaux’s Seafood. Mom had amazing stuffed shrimp and I had cajun tilapia and dirty rice. And we had a delish greek salad too. Soo yummy!

Then we came back and sat in the hot tub for a bit and slept like rocks after a long day.

We had a fun drive back talking and listening to my Zumba music.

But we are back at work and “the real world” again. I am hoping to add on Zumbatomic classes in June! Yay for Zumba!

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