Date Day to Tulsa- Part 1

Date Day to Tulsa- Part 1

Yesterday I took a half day off at work to spend the day with Tyler. Since we don’t get to EVER spend a whole day together (#policewifeproblems), we had evening plans in Tulsa- so we decided to make a day out of it.

Tyler got up early and went hunting while I worked a half day- then at 11 we hit the road.  Rain was moving into our area as we were driving out- so we had about 30 minutes of heavy rain and we were out of it and into the sunshine.

We stopped for lunch at Tyler’s favorite- Los Cabos. I like it, but he LOVES it.  He gets their ribs and papas (loaded mashed potatoes) and they are really good.

However, we were greeted in the parking lot to what has got to be the windiest day in Oklahoma’s recent history.  Hello Donald Trump hair.

After lunch, we went to Rustic Cuff.  I had been wanting a couple bracelets, but wanted to see them in person first.  So we went to their showroom (which was CRAZY busy for a Wednesday at like 2 p.m.) and got a couple of bracelets as an early Christmas gift. 🙂 Thanks, honey!

We had a super fun afternoon activity (which I took so many pictures it will have to be it’s own post).

Then we headed over to Bass Pro for some shopping. Tyler got some camo and I got a cute flannel shirt. 🙂 Win Win.

After shopping, we went back downtown for dinner at Yokozuna.  It’s a sushi place I’ve been to several times and I love it- and I was so glad to share it with Tyler.  He loved it too.

After dinner, we walked across the street for A Christmas Story The Musical- which was SO fun and cute. I loved it! 

We didn’t get home until after midnight- which made for a long day and a short night’s sleep…but spending the day together making memories was SO worth it.

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