Date Ideas for Fort Smith

We like to go on “date nights”  Here are some ideas for future date ideas in Fort Smith that I have.  Have you done any of these (in Fort Smith or in your own area)?  Let me know!  If you don’t live in the Fort, you could translate these into your area. 

– Attend the Fort Smith Symphony.  This would be a fancy, black tie date.  But I think it would be neat to go to the Christmas show or something else like that.
– UAFS Sporting Events.  It is fun to yell and get spirited.  I think a sporting event, like a basketball game, would be a fun date night.
-Bowling.  We LOVE Bowling World.  It is really nice.  We don’t really love to go during the Saturday night black light bowling because its busy and loud.  But this is fun for a quiet afternoon.  We usually play one game “normal” and then do crazy things, like bowl a game with our other hand, or bowl with our eyes closed.  So fun.
-Antiquing.  There are tons of antique shops around the area.  This is a free date (unless you buy something!).  But we like to go in and browse and make up stories about the items.  We also try to find items that we know about, but we think the other person won’t know about.  Tyler always does the “Guess what this is” game with me on old tools.  I know nothing about them!
-Shows at the Performing Arts Centers.  The Van Buren PAC and Alma PAC often put on shows.  Some are local theater, some are shows that come in from out of town.  Either way, a night at the theater is fun!
-Horsehoes.  We often go play horsehoes at the Hackett park (we live near there).  But I’m sure there are other local parks in the Fort Smith area that have horsehoes.  It is a free date and its competitive, which Tyler likes.
-Try a new restaurant.  There are so many little local spots around town that we like to try new ones every once in a while.  It is out of our comfort zone to walk into an unknown place, but its fun!  On our list to try soon: Green Papaya, R & R Curry, The Casbah, The Rib Room, Emmy’s German and more!
-Go for a little road trip!  We like to be random.  We have taken off before and known the direction we were going, but not really what we were doing.  Take off towards Arkansas Wine Country and stop at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant.  Drive into Oklahoma and get gas station BBQ.  Those random stops are pretty fun!
-One of the most fun dates we did was drive to Bentonville and go to Crystal Bridges Museum.  Admission is free, and there is so much to see you could spend all day!  Go on a nice day because there are tons of trails and stuff around the building.  And you can see world-famous artwork FOR FREE!
-Tour the wineries in Altus.  Wine tours and tastings are free (for the most part…I think Chateau Aux Arc charged like $5 or something).  Fun to taste the local wines and then take a bottle home for a celebration!
Any other date night ideas for us?  We are looking for some fun things to do together!


  1. Have you guys eaten at Bravo’s yet? It’s definitely our favorite Italian in town. Love their bruschetta! You had asked on my blog about Creekmore Pool last week… It’s pretty busy on the weekend. And you have to remember that it’s SUPER cheap, so therefore the crowd is always interesting & goot for people watching. I like to take the kids after work because there isn’t really a crowd and they are only open til 7, so it gives me an excuse to make the kiddos leave. You could come join us one night if you’d like!

    • We did Bravo’s for my birthday! It was really good! Thanks for the info on the pool…I’ll have to take my cousins there when they come to visit! I am looking forward to the aquatic park at Ben Geren!

  2. so last week we went on date night with my sister and brother in law…it was great!! we went to dinner, got ice cream at Delicia’s, then we went SKATING!!! it was such a fun date, and a kick booty workout too!!! we all had a blast goofing off and reminiscing. we went to Crystal Palace in fort smith on a saturday was $7 admission and we stayed from 7:00-9:45ish. we had such a great time!!
    and Green Papaya is a fave around here!! we love the egg rolls..not the spring rolls!! yuck! and the fried rice is so yummy! oh and you have to try the coffee!!
    and i second Gwen’s comment about the bruschetta at Bravo’ far my favorite bruschetta in town!!

    • We have been wanting to try Delicia’s! I’m not sure skating is the perfect date for me…I broke my arm TWICE rollerskating when I was younger. It makes me scared on skates.

      We liked Green Papaya and Bravo! I love our local spots!

  3. I remember those fun pre-kids date nights! 🙂 We loved dinner and a movie. I always liked date nights at home too! We’d have a candlelight picnic on the living room floor. I recommend a fondue night!

  4. I’ve always wanted to check out the wineries in Altus. It just seems like it would make for a fun day date. Eureka Springs is always a great choice too. I think one of my favorite things that we do is to window shop for our dream home — sometimes we go to Pottery Barn or Williams-Sonoma and find items that we’d like to have someday. We also love date nights in. Usually we’ll choose a theme for dinner and dessert (mexican, chinese, etc). It sounds super cheesy but I’ll sometimes put a candle on the table and play music in the background (regular music, not themed music haha!). It’s fun and makes you feel like you’re in a restaurant, but you’re in the comfort of your own home.

    • Altus is awesome for a day trip (or maybe spend the night nearby…you will get a little buzzed from all the wine!). A date night in sounds fun! Something special to make it different than a regular night. I like the candles and music suggestion! 🙂

    • Since we’ve had kids, we do the whole “date night in” a lot. My hubby will go pick up mexican or italian and we turn on music that goes with the food from the digital stations on our tv! It makes you feel like you’re at the restaurant!

  5. thanks for these!

  6. Hi, Brittney. I know this post is a few years old, but I was wondering if you could provide a little advice for me! My boyfriend and I are stopping in Fort Smith for an anniversary dinner tomorrow night (Friday) on our way to a cabin for the weekend. Do you have a recommendation? We like all kinds of food and love local gems. Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Hi Sarah! I hope you enjoy your time here in Fort Smith! Here are some places I would recommend: For Mexican food- Patron, for cajun food (and maybe some local music!)- Landry’s, for south American food- Rolandos, or for Italian- Bravo or Taliano’s, or for something higher end, try MovieLounge. I think Patron has the best unique Mexican in town (great salsa trio to try, AWESOME margaritas!). Landrys can get busy later in the evening…but the food is great and the atmosphere is relaxed. Rolandos is Mexicanish…but more south American. AWESOME guacamole and their banana desert is SO good. Bravo is “nicer” with a great menu, and Taliano’s is quieter and in a historic home downtown. It’s a little “forgotten” so it may not be jumping….but the food is good. Movie:Lounge does have movie theaters, but their restaurant has great food, live music, and awesome fancier food. If you want to bundle up, there is a ferris wheel downtown at the Park at West End you can ride for like $1 or something crazy cheap. It gives a fun view of the city…but it’s going to be chilly tonight….so wear your coat!

      Let me know if you have any questions…and let me know which one you pick! 🙂

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