Day 1: Sea Day in the Gulf of Mexico

Day 1: Sea Day in the Gulf of Mexico

We had a VERY exciting day at sea!

It was a little breezy, but the weather was GORGEOUS.  In the mornings, we wanted some light long sleeves, but thankfully, by midday, we were swimming!

We wanted to enjoy breakfast in the dining room (since on port days we would hit the quicker buffet), but it didn’t open until like 8:30 or so (and thanks to a little girl, we were up around 6:30/7 most days) so we had a little time to kill.  We walked around the upper decks.

Remi loved splashing in the puddles and attempting shuffleboard.


One of the funnier moments was we were just hanging out in the lobby area, and in walks Mr. Potato Head! A certain little girl squealed so loud and ran to him! Everyone around saw it and thought it was too funny!


Breakfast was DELICIOUS.  I had cereal crusted french toast, steak and eggs (you can order whatever you want!)


After breakfast, we played a little bingo and Remi played with our bingo dobbers.


After losing playing bingo, we changed into swimwear and went to the Lido deck! The water was a little cool, but it was SO NICE.  Tyler and I had a good system: he stayed in the water for when she wanted to jump and splash, and I stayed out for when she played outside (the design of the pool sort of creates a big puddle around the pool because the water can slosh out of the pool as the boat moves…so she liked to play in the puddle, too).  She also played in the showers outside the pool.


We returned to our room to see our first towel animal! Remi loved them…and she had to immediately see ours and go into Mimi and Gigi’s room to check if they had one too!


She took a great nap and then we got dressed for the evening. We stopped at the arcade (since she saw the casino and gladly exclaimed “Chuck E Cheese!”) and played a few games.


She HAD to have a purse like us. All ready for dinner!


My sweet girl!


Another delicious dinner and then our waiters danced! She was VERY intrigued with them being “on the tables” (really, on some columns where they stack plates and such).


It was Super Bowl Sunday, so instead of shows, we got to watch the game in the main theater. Not a bad way to watch the game!


Later that night, Tyler put Remi to bed and me and the moms watched Bohemian Rhapsody on the big screen in the open air on the Lido deck! Then we crashed from a full day.

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