Day in San Francisco

Day in San Francisco

I got a break at the conference, so I’m posting about my day yesterday. I flew into San Francisco at 11 yesterday.  I took the first flight out (I left at 6 am #woof) so I would have plenty of time for exploring and fun. And I totally took advantage of that half day around town.

I got to the hotel before checkin, so I had them store my luggage and I headed out for some lunch.

I took off up the hill (San Fran is SUPER hilly…more than I imagined!) to Chinatown.  A lot of places were closed since it was Sunday…but I ate lunch at Hang Ah Tea Room. It is touted as the oldest dim sum restaurant in the US….and while it wasn’t fancy, it was GOOD.

I ordered a dim sum sample plate.  It had (from L clockwise) a delish BBQ pork bun, a fried sesame ball (and don’t judge me…I ordered 3 more of these! They are SO good), an egg roll, a shrimp fried dumpling, a pork dumpling, and a chicken packet.  The dumplings and the pork bun were amazing.  They also gave me some yummy tea. 

After lunch, I walked up the hill to a cable car stop.  I hopped onto a cable car for a little ride. I have to be honest, though, the cable car was a bit overrated.  It was crowded and overpriced…but it’st the SF thing to do! 

I hopped off the cable car at Lombard Street, touted as the curviest street in America.  And it is! I opted not to walk down the sidewalk next to it.  My original plan was to visit Coit tower (the tower in the distance) but thought it looked far away and just a residential walk…so I headed down the hill where I could see water.  I wanted to find the Golden Gate Bridge!

I found her! As I was coming down the hill from Lombard Street, I got a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

I continued down to the water and found the beach.  I didn’t put my feet in (Didn’t want to get sandy), but I got more great views of the bridge.  I also turned around and saw Ghiradelli behind me.  I didn’t want to tour, but I did want to eat…. so I went and got a chocolate shake. It was SO good.

I drank my shake and kept walking down the waterfront.  I came to Fisherman’s Wharf and wished I was hungry.  There were SO many good smelling seafood booths..I’m hoping to head back there this week for dinner. 

I kept walking and came to Pier 39.  There were a TON of shops, restaurants, and also SEA LIONS.  They smelled awful, but were fun to watch. I also go some great views of Alcatraz and the bridge from this area.

While I was traveling around, I posted on Instagram, and a friend told me I HAD to go get some Trish’s mini donuts.  And I instantly went to find it.  It smelled great, and I got a small order for a snack (at this point, I had walked like 4 miles, I earned it!)  They were delish!  Hot, fresh, and perfect. 

I kept walking along the waterfront back to the hotel, where I rested for an hour or so before heading out to the Alcatraz night tour (more on that tomorrow!).

I’m loving San Francisco!


  1. I’m so glad you’re having such a wonderful time!! It sounds fantastic!

    • Thanks, Taylor. It’s been a great mix of fun and adventure with the work conference (which has been great! But spending the entire day in hotel conference rooms isn’t quite as exciting as experiencing a new place! ha!)

  2. I’m so impressed with how adventurous and productive you are on your own!!! And also- please send me one of those shakes, thanks!!! I’ve never been to SF, but I certainly didn’t have a mental picture of it being such a tasty place to go- now I know better!!

    • Oh girl….its SUCH a food city. I wish I had friends or family here with me so I could sample and try more. I’m gonna post about all this great food later in the week. πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome! We were filming during most of the daylight hours I was in SF so I didn’t have as much time to explore. I really wished I’d done the cable car, but now you make me not feel so bad about missing that. πŸ˜‰ It is VERY hilly. I was glad I was staying with a local and didn’t have to drive. That dim sum looks so good! I’ve been eyeing a few of Jamie Oliver’s dim sum recipes, but haven’t tried them yet…

    • Oooh I love Jamie Oliver! I’ll have to check out his dim sum recipes. I really want to try and replicate some of these flavors at home. They were so good!

  4. Aw man! I miss California so bad! I miss living so close to SF!

  5. San Francisco is one of my most favorite places! If you like oysters, you must go to Swan Oyster Depot. Get there early. It’s teeny-tiny and is ALWAYS super busy. We like to sit at the bar and let them choose the sampler of the day. Have you seen the fortune cookie factories that hang out in the alleyways?

    • Oh Debbie…I WISH I liked oysters because that sounds like a great spot to try. I just can’t get past the texture. :/ I haven’t seen anyone making fortune cookies either…I was in Chinatown, but it was on Sunday and a lot of things were closed. I’ll have to look that up and maybe take a walk later after the conference. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Venture Link Up dear. πŸ™‚

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