A Day Late to the Party- The House Party!

Welcome to my Christmas decoration house tour!
This is a little shelf on the wall next to the couch…with a little metal tree and tiny Santa on the bottom shelf.
Our beautiful tree!  I love having a full size tree! (first full tree since I moved out from home)
This is our entryway table…with a little tree that says “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and our card holder.
Our sofa table on the back wall is covered in trees!
Under the table, I filled the bowl with Christmas balls that I found at the antique store!
This is the bookshelf and ledge inbetween the kitchen and living room.  Some black sparkly trees, “Joy” and a baby nativity on the shelf.
Our stockings are hanging on the ledge.  I embroidered them.
This little table by the hallway has snowmen on it (even a Razorback snowman!)
The TV has some ornament garland and little trees!
The baker’s rack in my kitchen has a Santa cookie jar, a little dip tray, a peppermint candy tray, and a “L” Christmas plate.
My plate holder has snowmen plates…
I have some lanterns and ribbon hanging from the lights in the kitchen… (I bought them for party decor but have had them up all season long!)
On my stove, I have a Christmas spoon rest and snowglobe salt and pepper shakers.
I have this glass jar full of ornaments.  It usually sits on my island, but for now is on the table.
The view from the front door….my Santa flag, metal Santa by the door, and a little sign on the door with two little snowmen that says “The Lees”

My dining room….
My little cookie plate and milk mug for Santa!
I LOVE my place settings!  I got the placemats at A to Z (a little overstock store in the next town) and the cutest napkin rings that look like ornaments!
That is just about all the big stuff (I’ve got random other little things…but didn’t want to do 40 pictures! ha!)  I wish I could have you all over for a cup of pumpkin spice coffee, but take this little home tour as my substitute!  Merry Christmas!


  1. I love all of your decor!! I especially like your lanterns! Such a cute idea! And the baker’s rack is so cute as well:) The Christmas balls are so pretty as well. What a great idea!

  2. Everything looks great! The baker’s rack is my fave! I think we have the same Razorback dishes. Merry Christmas!

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